Safa Baked Beans 400G


Safa Baked Beans 400G


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Baked beans are a dish traditionally containing white beans that are parboiled and then, in the US, baked in sauce at low temperature for a lengthy period. In the United Kingdom, the dish is sometimes baked but usually stewed in gravy. Canned baked beans are not baked, but are cooked through a steam process. Baked beans are traditionally used as a topping on toast for breakfast.

They can be had directly out of the can as they are already cooked or can be eaten by cooking them with onions and garlic. They taste incredible as a topping on open sandwiches with grated cheese and herbs.

In its ubiquity, it defines how we expect baked beans to taste, but without excelling in its field. Sweet and tomatoey, gently earthy, calculatedly bland, safa beans are an immediately familiar and comforting convenience food but, if you scrutinize their flavor, a steadfast 6/10 experience


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