Amazon Fresh Cream 150G

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Amazon Cream Original Flavor is a top-notch dairy product to all those who cannot keep their hands off the cream! Created from all-natural, lavishly delicious milk, this is a cream to fall in love with. Made from pure cow milk, it is rich in good fats, palm oil, vitamins A, C & D, calcium, potassium & magnesium—all beneficial to the body’s growth and healthy development. Amazon Cream is first powdered, then smoothly whipped, then purely enjoyed—a heavenly taste! It can be used to cook amazing dishes that range from being international to Middle Eastern ones, like cream pies, smoothies, sweets, casseroles, and the all famous lasagna plates. This is a product to keep in your storage room at all times! So order Amazon Cream Original Flavor online, and embark on the real cooking journey.

Cream Original Flavor is absolutely your go-to cream when you want to make your pasta dishes, and hot beverages creamy. In addition, it’s highly nutritious and flavorful.


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