Al Ifaa Herbal 500ml

Al Ifaa Herbal 500ml

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All in one syrup for your wellness with 100% natural ingredients. Value for money, fast restoration and no side effects.

Al-lfa’a is an wide-spectrum nutrient supplement and wellness enhancement tonic.
When taken daily this ancient formula

keeps your blood vessels healthy by dissolving unwanted fats and cleaning impurities. It improves blood circulation and restore the blood pressure. It will helps to upkeep healthy conditions with diabetes. It relieves discomforts due to joint problems and dyspepsia.

Al-Ifa’a helps you achieve
The ultimate balance of physical health, mental harmony and wellbeing. With a healthy lifestyle it will rejuvenate vital capacity to cope up with stress in day-to-day life.

* Our methodology does not use excessive heat so that essential nutrients are not destroyed in the making.
Since Al-Ifa’a contains natural herbal extracts blended through careful process of purification

How to use
Time: Early morning (before meals, empty stomach) follow up with a glass of warm water
Dosage: 02 Tablespoons per day. (15-20ml)